What is the feeling of being in love?? Actually what is love???

If anyone knows anything about this and have any suggestion about my consition please do write!

So i am just 20 and i think that i am in one of the biggest problems of my life.. and that problem is related to my love life. I really feel i dont even know what love is.. My story begins when i started my college. For my higher studies i went outside India. After somes months maybe 3-4months i received a friend request on facebook of a guy(raj)whom i havent seen ever. After a little chat i came to know that he is from my hometown and has been noticing me from long time. Slowly and slowly we became friends not only friends but more than best friends. We sent each other songs..memes..pictures. We both liked company of each other. At that time he was the only one person whom i can be fully me.. with whom i can share everything…he in my life was so important… there was a time difference of 3 and half hours but still he used to talk to me whole night and he usually slept at 8 in the morning and then without getting full rest he had to wake to up and then go to his university. Things were very good until one boy (rahul)from my university entered my life. We became friends on facebook and slowly i felt something for him. I told this to raj and he said go go tell him.. dont get late. But the thing why i told him was because i wanted him to confess his feelings and stop me to go to rahul. Rahul waited for 4 months and in these 4 months raj started ignoring me and didnt even text me. I dont know why i accepted rahul’s proposal and then went with the flow leaving raj aside. I even asked him that is there any feeling then tell me but he simply said no and said me to go to rahul. ┬áBut after 8 months of my relationship with rahul….raj told me that he love me…..i was shattered because the time was not perfect at all and i cant hurt rahul’s feelings at this time. So i left raj…. i left my best friend.. i left my soulmate…so that there is no problem in my relationship with rahul. Only thing that was going in my mind at that time was that i can’t betray rahul.